It’s no secret that web design is hugely important in any business. No matter what kind of position of importance you might take your website to have, you have to agree that it is indeed something that can make a massive difference to the success or failure of the business itself. As such, it needs to be approached carefully and in a way that will help ensure that it really works out.

With that in mind, it might be helpful to think about some of the following factors. As long as you have incorporated some or all of the recommendations below, you should find that your web design efforts are considerably more likely to succeed in whatever way you need them to.

User Interface

Increasingly, websites need to be designed so that they incorporate a lot of user interface elements. In other words, they should be built so that there is a lot of interaction possible between user and site, rather than merely being a static set of pages. This is really going to help your users feel as though they are getting something from the site, and that in itself can make a huge difference to how successful a website is and how much people get out of its usage.

Simple Homepage

There are, of course, many ways to design a website, but most these days would agree that you want to try and keep the homepage as simple as you can. When you overdo it on the homepage, that tends to have a way of actually putting users off from the first moment. Alternatively, when the homepage is simple and uncluttered, this will be a lot more inviting for most users. Try to avoid that urge to put everything on the home page right away, and instead make use of other pages to keep the home page as straightforward as possible. You’ll find that this really makes a huge difference to how the web design goes on the whole and that it will make for a much more attractive website.


You really cannot afford to overlook the ubiquity of mobile when it comes to web design these days. A growing number of people look at the internet from mobile devices, and there’s even a suggestion that this will soon become the norm for the majority. So you need to make sure that your website is easy to use on mobile and that it looks as good as possible on those devices. Fortunately, this is easier than ever these days. You can also simplify it by hiring a Toronto web design company to do it for you, of course.

Social Media Connectedness

Social media is vast, and it’s something you need to make use of, especially if your website is part of a broader attempt to boost your online presence as a company or as a personal brand. In particular, you need to make sure that there is a clear connectedness between your website and your social pages. Connectedness is very simple to achieve, with social sharing buttons now being so commonplace. Additionally, you want to make sure you are linking your website to your social media profiles, in order to bring together and promote your various online properties.


When creating a website as a marketing tool for your business, branding is another critical element that you should be paying attention to. Your site needs to be reflective of your business’ brand, in whatever ways you can achieve that.; this means that it needs to be the right colours, that it should be in line with your brand’s style guidelines, and that the brand should be clearly visible everywhere. Including and incorporating your company logo is also vital if you want this to work.


One quality that is often lacking in many websites, is a certain level of intuitiveness. In other words, it needs to work in a way that makes automatic sense for most users; this is one of the best ways to ensure that your users are going to keep on using the site and keep coming back for more – as well as being more likely to recommend it to other people. With the help of a web design team, that should be a lot easier to achieve.

User Experience

You should ensure that you are thinking about the user experience people will have with your website; this goes into everything we have already looked at and much more. As long as people can feel as though you are providing a site that works and that they can use in the way they expect to, this will make a huge difference. User experience is one of the fundamental things you can’t afford to overlook, so make sure that you bear that in mind.

Hiring a Web Design Company

If all of this is overwhelming, don’t worry, there are plenty of web design companies out there with the knowledge and experience to help. Hiring a web design company can prove to be one of the best investments you can make for your business. A Toronto Web Design company like nuBranch Media can help design a website for your business that incorporates all seven aspects of this article.