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Not all search engine optimization tactics are created equal. An international SEO company can offer you help in ranking high in searches all around the country (or even around the world), but a local small business in Toronto wouldn’t benefit at all from ranking high on the first page of searches made in Florida, United States. Why spend all that money to reach a target audience who can’t visit your local business?

When you opt for local SEO, you can receive personalized help regarding ways to make your small business rank high in your local area — exactly where you want to be ranking high in order to reach your customer base.

What is Local SEO and How Can it Help Me?

A local SEO agency can provide expert marketing strategies for small businesses in your local area. For example, if you seek an SEO company online and are informed that your business will likely rank for the keywords “lumber” and “lumber yard” online, then those are the keywords that the SEO company is likely to focus on when working with you, which can be a problem if your business is named Bill’s Wood Goods and your rival’s company is Mike’s Lumber Yard.

A local SEO company will be more familiar with the available keywords. You can rank high in your area, which can help bring your website to the first page of Google and other search engines.

A local SEO agency can also help you:

Increase Your in-Person Traffic

The people who visit your website are most likely there because they are interested in your business, which means that a quality, informative website will drive more people to visit your physical building.

Consider your business and what type of information you should post on your website. Imagine that you want to eat at a new restaurant that was built near your workplace, but when you check online, you don’t find a neatly typed up menu. Instead, someone has uploaded a blurry photo of the menu that is difficult to read. You can’t tell what food is being served, what the restaurant’s hours are, or what price you should expect to pay for dinner. If you are not impressed by the quality of the website, then you may question whether the new restaurant is a quality business at all. You are likely to become discouraged and may not visit the restaurant in person, which means their website has failed to bring in more customers.

A local web design agency can help you avoid web design mistakes like this and can help you make your website more appealing in the eyes of potential customers.

Make Your Business Known to Those Who Search Quickly

Many people turn to the web as a source of quick information. When you’re looking for quick info, you’re much more likely to click on the first few links presented to you rather than click through several pages of similar content.

The links on the first page of Google and other major search engines are selected because they are deemed the most relevant results for the search terms you inputted. Key features that make your website seem relevant in a search engine’s eyes are:

  • Original and High-Quality Content – If your webpage is full of pictures, a few instructions on where you are located and how to contact you, and not much else, then search engines may not be able to tell what content is on your page and how your business is relevant to major search terms
  • Keywords – When potential customers type search terms into a search engine, the search engine will pull up websites that are relevant to those search terms. If your website can successfully show up on the first page for certain search terms, that is known as ranking high for keywords. Only a few websites can be present on the first page of a search engine at a time, which means that a brand-new website will not likely rank high for popular keywords. A local SEO agency can help you determine which keywords your website can reasonably rank for
  • Recency – Post content regularly to keep your website up to date. If you never update your information, search engines may treat it as out of date and irrelevant and choose to pass over it in favour of ranking more recent content.
  • A Strong Internal Link Structure – Chances are, your website has multiple pages. If your pages link to each other, then search engines will recognize that the content on these pages is related. If one page already ranks highly in the eyes of a search engine, then linking to other pages can help them rank higher too, which increases the odds of potential customers discovering your website

The painful truth is, if your website doesn’t show up on the first page of major search engines like Google, then many people will never know you that your business even exist. And if you can’t keep up a steady stream of clients, your business won’t stay afloat for very long.

There’s a lot more involved with creating a successful website for your business than simply coding it to look visually appealing. You can direct potential clients to your website by advertising it on billboards, business cards, and social media, but how do you reach customers who don’t use any of these things? What should you strive to change about your website in order to help it rise high on the first page of Google and other search engines? That’s where an SEO company like nuBranch Media comes in.

A Local Web Design Agency Can Offer Personalized Help

When you have an existing website in front of you, you feel like you’ve provided plenty of information about your business, and you update the pages regularly, it can be difficult to determine what else you should do in order to improve your online content. If your pages are already full of content and you add more content regularly, then your website is in a good position to rank high in the search engines for available keywords.

That said, there may still be areas where your site layout can be improved. For example, perhaps your site architecture could use some tweaking. This is where a local web design agency can offer you personalized help.

Site Architecture

The way that information is organized into pages and subpages on your website is known as your site architecture. If you have deep site architecture, then that means you may have a lot of subpages that are not easily accessible from your home page.

Because of this, the web crawlers that search engines use to discover websites and their content are likely to ignore these difficult to find pages, as they are deemed irrelevant to your main content.

If those pages happen to contain useful information about your business, such as an organized list of your available products, then those pages may suffer in the search engine rankings as a result.

Let Us Help You!

If your business is in the Greater Toronto area, then nuBranch Media is the local SEO agency for you. You can read more about our digital marketing services or learn even more tips on how to boost your marketing campaign on our website. Contact us today and let us help you bring your local business to the next competitive level online.