Wondering what the future of web design holds? The 2022 web design trends focus on creating cutting-edge, stylish, and user-friendly types of website designs. An ever-changing web design landscape requires designers to keep a finger on the pulse of all the latest web design tips and trends to design websites that look fresh and modern.

The ultimate goal of a good company website is to help you achieve your business goals through a practical and visually appealing website design that engages potential and current clients. A well-designed website is a key to success in today’s digital age. Check out these 2022 web design tips and trends to help your business stand out from the competition.

2022 Web Design Trends Are Interactive

The web is constantly evolving, so web design trends are always changing. Interactivity incorporates elements that engage visitors with your content in new and interesting ways.

As web design moves away from traditional, flat layouts, you can expect to see designers integrate hover effects to video backgrounds, more business website colours, and more clickable elements to business websites.

Horizontal Scrolling

The use of horizontal scrolling in web design is becoming more popular. It gives websites more room for interactive elements and is useful for companies with a lot of visual content, making it a fun and engaging way to navigate the site.

Multi-Colour Sites

Using multiple colours on a website is also becoming a popular trend. For instance, designers can build websites to change colour as the user interacts with elements on the site. This type of design not only helps the user navigate the website but also helps them build subconscious associations with the products and services they’re looking for.

Collage Graphics

The use of a collage graphic on the homepage is on the rise. This design features a mix of text, images, and calls to action. It also has a texture that gives the site a poster board feel. This style works well on retail and e-commerce sites.

Overlapping Graphics

Another trend in web design is the use of overlapping graphics on images. This technique allows designers to be creative and adds a personality to their web designs. It is particularly useful for websites that feature large photos and images. The trend is used to create interactive pages and allow users to interact with them.

Soft shadows

Using soft shadows is an innovative way to evoke positive emotions through web design. It is lightweight and risk-free for the user experience and can be applied to any type of web content. According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’s Vision Atlas, millions of people worldwide suffer from some type of vision impairment. The addition of soft shadows can make a site more accessible for those with vision problems by helping increase contrast and making content easier to read.

Floating Visuals

Floating visuals and complex gradients are two trends that are becoming increasingly popular. They are often used to add depth to flat images. For example, you may have noticed the new gradient logo on Instagram. Floating visuals are a great way to infuse positive emotions into your website.

Animation With Typos

Wait, what? It’s not what you think, we promise. Traditionally, animations are used for page transitions and illustrated graphics. But now in 2022, typographic elements are animated to create a unique experience for website visitors. These elements are referred to as typography animation or kinetic typography; even the simplest animation can make a big difference while browsing.


One of the latest trends in web design involves using gradients. They have become popular again, thanks to a new technique known as glassmorphism. This technique adds visual depth to a web page, and places focus on content.

Gradients are also a great way to split content, making scrolling a more appealing experience. They can be representational or abstract. Gradients are a great way to add contrast, create dynamic grids for entire web pages, and border buttons and other elements.

2D and 3D Mashup Styles

In the world of web design, the mashup of 2D and 3D illustrations is a trend that will continue to grow. It combines the freedom of 2D illustrations with the realism of 3D graphics. This style is flexible, versatile, and offers endless possibilities for creativity.

Mashups of 2D and 3D elements create a more visually pleasing website. They are a fluid blend of creativity and intelligence that adds brand value and a communication response to the viewer.

Retro and Futuristic Graphic Design

There will be a mix of retro and futuristic trends in graphic design. Some trends that have taken hold in 2022 are frasurbane, anti-design, escapism, grunge, doodling, and parametric patterns. The mashups are likely to be both experimental and unpredictable.

Illustrated Characters

One of the most popular website design trends for 2022 is the use of illustrated characters. While some of them are simply decorative, others are functional and can actually improve the user experience. For example, some apps and websites utilize characters as guides through the onboarding process. These engaging character guides provide an easier, more user-friendly experience.

Illustrated characters are also being used instead of photos. Historically, illustrations were used to replicate real-life objects. The trend has moved into digital media, where illustrations are used to create characters that look lifelike. It allows brands to showcase their products and services without the need to take a photo.


In addition to using illustrations, more websites will incorporate animation into their designs. While video has long been the most popular medium for online content, animation has become a more popular option for many brands. Animations are a great way to tell a brand’s story. A good example of an animated illustration is one with basic 3D characters. Add a nice soundtrack, and your creation is bound to stand out.

Dynamic Content

With users spending less than 5 seconds on a website, it is crucial that the content they see is relevant to their needs and interests. Dynamic content can be customized to suit a user’s preferences by ensuring they have an enjoyable web experience. It can also be geolocated to provide relevant information based on a visitor’s location and browsing history.

Integrate Interactive Elements

The use of interactive elements on websites has gained in popularity in recent years. They are more prevalent in 2022 than in years prior and are the center of responsive web designs. Whether your website needs a new look or you need to start from scratch with a new website creation, understanding the newest 2022 web design trends gives you a leg up on the competition.

Updating your business’ website will make your site look more colourful, approachable, and adventurous. Contact a professional web designer to help you create a website that will make your business thrive!