Marketing is a word that can invoke a sense of anxiety in many business owners today. Promoting a brand to consumers is essential to obtaining rapid company growth both online and offline. Business owners often start off marketing their own content with logo designs, video content, blogs, promotions, or other marketing mixes. But when it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO, things can become a bit more complicated.

SEO involves an in-depth analysis of online consumer behaviour relative to a specific brand or market. Beyond that, SEO is only effective if a business can apply the data to its current and future marketing strategy. So, if a business can start a website and develop content on its own, why would it want to outsource its consumer data to another company?

Simply put, SEO companies are uniquely positioned to maximize business revenue opportunities through streamlining marketing efforts. Basically, the company processes consumer data and compiles a plan to use it effectively with customer retention and revenue growth at top of mind. As if that isn’t enough, here are the top four reasons to hire an SEO company.

SEO Professionals Know The Best Avenues For Growth

When someone has a sore throat, they don’t go consult a mechanic, they go to the doctor. The same can be said for any industry. When there is a problem, there is usually someone with knowledge in the field that can inform solutions. SEO represents a huge opportunity for growth and it is best to let a professional guide marketing strategies for search engine optimization with so much competition online. Beyond the basic knowledge, an SEO company will be able to not only obtain but also analyze key data that will drive growth for a company. Research shows that over 50% of website traffic comes from organic search activity and accounts for roughly 40% of online revenue streams. With potential like that, SEO is more than an opportunity, it’s an asset.

Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

The thought of hiring another company to perform tasks that have been handled in-house previously can seem like a drain on a company’s budget. However, with SEO, it can be quite the opposite. Hiring an SEO company allows businesses to redirect manpower to more important tasks while simultaneously driving traffic, and therefore, revenue to their websites. Tasks that may be included in the best SEO services in Toronto and other areas may include:

  • keyword research
  • meta-data customization optimizations
  • strategic internal linking
  • website alterations
  • analyzing campaign data
  • keyword tracking
  • reporting and data-based adjustments
  • SEO performance monitoring

In addition, SEO provides 32-41% return on investment, or ROI when implemented effectively. In contrast, start-up costs for developing an in-house SEO team can cut into this ROI and reduce the impact of an SEO marketing campaign overall. Spending the money upfront to hire a local SEO expert can actually increase a business’s revenue faster and more effectively than training and implementing an in-house team.

SEO Companies Provide Valuable Data Insights

Oftentimes, SEO companies have access to software or other technologies that most businesses do not. Through this and other data sources, SEO professionals are able to provide key data analytics to businesses as well as interpret it in an effective way. While a company is able to access Google Analytics, it may not be utilizing the data to its full potential. An SEO company is able to sift through the data provided, determine what is important, and craft a campaign strategy that is going to maximize traffic and revenue possibilities.

In general SEO experts may assist in synthesizing, analyzing, and acting on the following data:

  • Target audience
  • Keyword research tool
  • Multi-channel strategies through referrals and backlinks
  • Traffic click data
  • Google Analytics synthesis
  • “Bounce rate” analysis and mitigation
  • Content trends

Ongoing Attention Will Retain Results

Results are driven by action. As mentioned above, SEO professionals are knowledgeable about the market and can provide valuable insights, but they are much more than a one-and-done kind of service. To piggyback off of the doctor analogy, once a patient leaves the doctor after receiving treatment, they don’t expect to never come back. In fact, oftentimes patients will end up returning for a follow-up visit. This is because care does not end with one treatment, care continues throughout a lifetime. This is true for a business as well.

The market is going to continue to shift, consumer behaviour will change, and target markets will fluctuate. Real-time tracking means that competitors are seeing what customers are doing as they are doing it and, in turn, altering their strategies. Businesses that are not maintaining that relationship with SEO will fall behind on trends and lose ROI. Hiring an SEO company ensures that a business retains constant traffic, a consistent or improving site rating, and drives revenue without diverting resources or extra budgets.

Finding An SEO Company

So, how can a business hope to find a quality SEO company in such a competitive market? First, a business should consider its own market, geography, and target audience. Consider the reach of the company and forecast growth. This will determine if a local SEO expert would be better suited to address the marketing strategy or if a global focus would be more appropriate. Searches for local SEO experts may include something along the lines of “best SEO services in Toronto.” From here, there are a variety of factors to consider, such as industries served, services offered, pricing options, company packages,  customer reviews, and local or global ranking. Review websites can be a helpful tool to compare and contrast product offerings between competitors.

At the end of the day, a business needs to carefully consider why they are thinking about hiring an SEO company and how the extra expertise will benefit them. Regardless of industry, SEO companies are a great option for any company trying to grow!