Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important things to consider when marketing a small business online. Many business owners see the words SEO and want to run for the hills, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of small business SEO services out there that can help you create and manage an SEO strategy that will improve your revenue and be well worth any overhead investment.

nuBranch Media is one of the best SEO companies by customer vote in Toronto, offering SEO packages to help small businesses reach their full potential. If you are serious about your SEO strategy, here are four SEO services you may want to consider when shopping for SEO packages.

Local SEO

As a small business, it doesn’t make sense to focus SEO efforts on the same keywords and links that big businesses are investing in. The simple fact is that small businesses do not have the budget to bid effectively on paid keywords that big businesses are interested in and their company will likely not compete if they do end up getting lucky with a high-ranking keyword. That’s not to say that small businesses are inferior to big businesses, just that they are competing in different markets. Small businesses are more likely to find success scaling back to the markets that are directly looking for their services.

Local searches are some of the most searched terms on Google, accounting for over 50% of traffic. This opens a huge opportunity for small businesses to enter into a niche market for customers looking for services right in their area. There are a variety of ways to achieve local SEO such as taking advantage of Google Business Listing, Google Maps, and online directories. Small business SEO services can also help conduct Technical Audits and Citation Management to boost local SEO.

With the right strategy, these tools can increase website traffic, calls, and leads. The best SEO companies will know how to provide SEO packages that tailor to your business and industry for a comprehensive custom marketing strategy. Professionals understand that local searches can translate to revenue with 80% of local mobile searches converting to offline purchases.

Link Building

SEO is more than just keywords. There is a lot that goes on in the back end of a marketing strategy as well such as integrating backlinks. Link building is one of the key pieces to the digital marketing puzzle. SEO services will help promote a business’s online content through quality backlinks that are connected to high-authority domains. This helps boost the credibility of your website at a technical level. In turn, it provides more opportunities to drive traffic to your website through other high-ranking sites.

In general, link building is part of SEO packages that also feature local SEO, technical SEO, and/or content creation. The goal is to increase website ranking signals, improve brand control, and bring more referral traffic. This also allows businesses to develop new online relationships with sites that have authority to diversify traffic and increase revenue. This strategy results in an overall increase in website value as well as boosting search engine ranking.

Content Creation

Content creation is at the heart of any SEO strategy. When you are trying to rank higher in searches, you will need to target specific keywords. First, you have to identify the best keywords for your strategy. Understanding what keywords will reach your target audience will help you train your customers to come to your website more often, thus increasing sales.

Unfortunately, there is no one-and-done with SEO, it is a constantly evolving strategy that must be maintained to be effective. Fortunately, content creation can help keep your website fresh and relevant to maximize content marketing efforts. Blog posts that are optimized for SEO greatly improve website ranking by using keywords as the basis for your content. In addition, content drives traffic. Most customers that read at least one blog post are likely to visit at least one other page on your website. In addition, this attracts customers that are already interested in your products or services.

Google My Business Management

One of the most important parts of ranking for local SEO is claiming your Google My Business listing. SEO companies specializing in local services can manage this for you so that your business stays up to date and accurate on Google. This is achieved by identifying your main SEO keywords, analyzing gaps in your profile, and fixing these games to boost your rank.

In addition, Google only shows the top 3 companies in local results. When you are not ranking in the top three for your keywords, you are losing potential customer interactions. By having a team manage your listings, you can constantly track your rank in both Google Search and Maps over time. This gives you actionable insights into how your current strategy is faring and how it can be improved.

In the end, SEO is a balancing act of research, analyzing data, creating content, and maintaining a competitive strategy. The work is never done, but with a team of highly trained SEO professionals at your disposal, you can take care of it in the blink of an eye. It may take some time but small business SEO services will pay off in the long run. Just like building your business, building your online presence is a bit of an art and a science.

nuBranch Media offers award-winning digital marketing services for local businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. With years of experience helping businesses with SEO, we know what it takes to rank websites in Google Searches and Google Maps. Check out our website today to see what SEO packages we can offer your business to boost your traffic and revenue today.